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Since joining the Her Campus Team, contributors have been offered jobs and internships with Glamour, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, People magazine, W magazine, Teen Vogue, InStyle, Lucky, Esquire, O Magazine, MTV, The Washington Post, Digitas and Ogilvy, among others. Becoming a Her Campus National Writer will give you applicable experience in the editorial industry, along with the opportunity to be published on a national digital publication! Current undergraduate students are eligible to apply for all national sections except for the Her20s section, which is open to college alumni. Positions are unpaid. To be considered as a writer for a Her Campus Chapter, please contact your chapter’s Campus Correspondent directly. To be considered as a national writer for Her Campus, please contact our Author Below Direct on His Mail.

Author: Saim Khan

The following outlines the types of National Writers at Her Campus, their roles and responsibilities

How It Works

Writers select the section(s) they wish to write for, but have the option to contribute across sections and work with different national editors via bi-weekly story prompts about timely and feature-worthy subjects. Writers will pitch and write longer (2-4 pages), more in-depth pieces that have a service element, at least once aa month. Assignments are given weekly, and “pitch-to-live” time is approximately 3-4 weeks. Pieces generally require talking to sources, like current college students. Writers are encouraged to add their own voice to articles and communicate their unique perspective. Reported news features, columns and op-eds can also be discussed, workshopped and pitched with your editor and are absolutely encouraged.



If you have a shelf overflowing with skincare, or if you know how to pull-off a makeup look for less, then we want to work with you! Writers cover industry trends and products, but mainly create service-oriented pieces surrounding the unique beauty moments that students experience in college. Face masks, Sephora sales, brow shaping, scalp scrubs, body hair, nail art, morning rituals — the sky’s the limit here for beauty obsessives. 


These writers are experts in the college wellness space and feel comfortable giving advice about topics ranging from mental health to exercise to sexual health. If you know how to balance self-care with finals week stress, or you’re ready to walk a fellow-friend through her first trip to the gyno, this is a perfect fit. Yoga, vitamins, meditation, periods, birth control, anxiety — yes, we really talk about it all.

Money & Career

Career writers help college students gain career insight and experience, both in college and in the real world post-grad. During a typical day you might write about internship interviews, negotiating your first salary, launching a side hustle, and navigating student loans. If this sounds like a fit, we’d love to work with you! 


Lifestyle writers cover everything current in the lifestyle space for college women, and they serve as experts on college-related life advice for high school students. This position is the perfect opportunity for lifestyle writers who wanna talk about everything fun, weird and clicky, and keep the rest of us in the know. We’re particularly on the look-out for people passionate about campus life, friendship, food and travel — so let us know if that’s you when you apply.


Are you subscribed to every candle sale alert? Do your curtains match your picture frames? Does everyone come to you for your thoughts on accent furniture and art prints? Are you the reigning champ of DIYs? This is a great way to showcase your interior design skills and share all the best tricks to designing the perfect dorm or apartment. 

Culture (News & Entertainment)

If you’re passionate about campus protests, the latest update to Instagram, binge-watching Netflix, or whatever wild meme is taking over the Internet, write about it here. This position is an excellent opportunity for news and entertainment junkie students who want to develop their writing skills while keeping college women up-to-date on the world.​​

Her Future

Her Future is our high school brand, covering everything students preparing for college need to know. On a normal day you might write about college applications, navigating orientation week, making friends, acing your tests, and all the things that it takes to be successful in college. 


Her20s is our after college brand, covering all things post-grad life. We’re looking for experienced writers excited to talk about adulting, first apartments, office culture, real-world relationships, and the big moments that happen in your twenties. 

Interested in applying for any of the positions listed above?

If you would like to contribute a single piece for publication on the Her Campus national site, please fill contact our Author Anne Tyner ( and Author Hassan ( We are currently looking for original, compelling essays about personal experience, opinion pieces about timely topics and perspectives on issues facing college women.

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