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Ruby Birthstone & its History

Ruby Birthstone & its History

Chvker jewelry collection is a great way to express your unique things. Do you want to keep buying birthstones or zodiac signs jewelry for the months you want to wear, or do you want to collect birthstones for all months to fit every month. Chvker jewelry with its exquisite jewelry appearance is also a great gift choice for birthdays or any other occasions!

Throughout history, there are many legends about birthstones. Many cultures believe that birthstones have healing powers and bring good luck. Today, most jewelry stores and jewelers agree on a basic set of birthstones. Let’s take a quick look at the most popular birthstone.

Ruby is the birthstone of July and one of the most popular gems. The name is taken from the Latin word ruber , which means “red” -the color of love and passion. Nothing is more eye-catching than a ruby​​ birthstone necklace. People specially buy ruby birthstone necklaces from Chvker Jewelry because of its power and beauty.The best color of the July birthstone is a deep red with purple, called “pigeon blood” in the trade. Ruby is a mineral corundum whose color comes from the trace element chromium. The higher the chromium content, the darker the red. Here is what you need to know about this beautiful July birthstone in order to better choose rubies for yourself or your lover born in July.

 The Meaning and History of Ruby Birthstone

 In ancient India, rubies were called “the king of gems” because of their rarity, hardness (second only to diamonds), beauty, and seemingly mysterious power. It has long been associated with vitality and blood. In Indian jewelry, rubies are a symbol of power and youth. Many people prefer to buy zodiac signs jewelry that matches their birthstone as well. One can go for a heart necklace or birthstone necklace. In the past few centuries, some people believe that this July birthstone can predict misfortune or danger, while others claim that it can treat inflammatory diseases and calm anger. Burmese warriors believe that rubies can make them invincible in battle. Europeans in the Middle Ages believed that rubies could bestow health, wealth, wisdom and successful love.

Where do Rubies come from?

The quest for the July birthstone began in Myanmar, one of the oldest boutique rubies on record. The area has a lot of weathered marble and ancient Buddhist temples.

Maintenance of Birthstones 

Rubies are usually heat treated to remove the purple color and bring out a more pure red color. This process also removes the “filamentous” inclusions (minute needle-like inclusions) that make the stone lighter and more turbid. The gem industry generally accepts heat treatment, because the effect of heat treatment is very stable under normal wearing and care conditions. If you use inferior quality materials, fill the multiple cracks and cavities that touch the surface with glass to reduce the visibility of the cracks and make the gem look more transparent. Always ask if your ruby ​​has been processed and how it was processed before buying. The Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure of treatments that can affect the perceived value of gems. GIA certification is very important when identifying whether a gemstone is a natural gemstone or a synthetic gemstone, and whether it has been treated in any way. In most cases, you can safely clean your July birthstone using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning devices can usually be used to clean untreated, heat-treated and lattice diffusion treated gems. Glass-filled or stained gemstones should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Whether you own a July birthstone or not, owning a beautiful ruby ​​is a wonderful thing.

Chvker Jewelry provides high-quality twelve months birthstones. Some people prefer to buy birthstone rings and some go for beautiful zodiac heart necklace. You can go for the birthstone that matches your birthday month and can feel free to order it from chvker jewelry. Chvker jewelry also provides birthstones in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.If you want to give something unique to your loved one, you can buy a birthstone necklace or zodiac signs jewelry from Chvker. 

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