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NBA’s top five black whistle

NBA's top five black whistle

NBA games are changing rapidly. This will test the referee’s instant judgment ability. You need to accurately judge which player fouls. Of course, referees are not gods. There are also misjudgments and unreasonable troubles. Then let take a closer look. NBA’s top five black whistles! 

NBA’s top five black whistle are given below:

1. Tim Duncan snickered and was sent off

2. Yao Ming Rockets hacked

3. Paul’s dream

4. Balance game warriors are hacked

5. James walking lore

1. Tim Duncan snickered and was sent off

Crawford is a very famous referee in the NBA. You have to know that he has a lot of games and is very fair and strict. However, in a Spurs game, Crawford made a low-level mistake because Te Duncan sat on the sidelines and laughed, which made Crawford very annoyed when he saw it. He thought it was mocking him, so Tim Duncan was sent off the court. This was the first time in NBA history that he was fined for laughing. Player going out.

2. Yao Ming Rockets hacked

Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady’s Rockets didn’t go well every time they entered the playoffs. It’s important to know that many whistles that shouldn’t have appeared when the Rockets played against the Mavericks (now renamed the Lone Ranger), which made the players dare not make moves. You must know that most of the Rockets were already 2-0. It was because of the referee that the Rockets lost the series.

3. Paul’s Dream of Western Jue

The most regrettable thing about Paul is that he has never broken through the Western Conference lore. As a top defender, Paul has excellent skills and basketball IQ, but the referee obviously did not stand on Paul’s side. When the game entered the final stalemate stage, Because of a misjudgment by the referee, the Thunder got the player, so Paul dreamed of the decision, which is regrettable.

4. Balance game warriors were hacked

In the finals between the Warriors and Cavaliers, because the Warriors had a 3-0 lead, they would win the championship after winning a game. However, in order to balance the game, the NBA decisively blew the black whistle. In the first quarter, the Warriors were defeated. Blew 22 fouls, which is shocking and can be said to be one of the five black whistles in NBA history.

5. James walking lore

James, who was still in the Cavaliers in 2006, did not take as many as 5 steps in the singles match, but the referee just turned a blind eye. In this offense, James broke into his heart, scored a layup, and scored. The victory of this game also affected the trend of the entire series! Please check more details of basketball at

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