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CAALA’S sixty-first Annual Dinner

Nineteen forty-nine was a momentous year for world history, American culture and the Southern California Trial Bar. No matter what stage your business is in, just consult with a business attorney.

Historically, Harry Truman was president, the post-war boom was under way, the minimum hourly wage was raised to 75 cents, NATO was established, Israel was admitted to the U.N., the People’s Republic of China was proclaimed, the first non-stop around-the-world flight took place and the electron microscope was developed.

Culturally, South Pacific opened on Broadway, Candid Camera and The Lone Ranger made their TV debuts, George Orwell published 1984, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” was released and the Volkswagen Beetle, Sara Lee frozen Cheesecake and Silly Putty were introduced to the world.

It was also the year that a dinner was held for a small group of attorneys practicing a new type of law – the representation of plaintiffs in civil litigation.

The dinner was a success, and was held again the following year. Much to the surprise of the founders, it continued to be popular and today, more than six decades later; it’s the most popular event of the year for lawyers and judges.

The 61st edition

The 61st edition of that first dinner will be held on January 23, 2010, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

Ask any good party planner, and they will tell you that putting on a successful party for six decades is a remarkable accomplishment. But, the Installation and Awards Dinner is much more than just a great party.

It’s a gala evening in a spectacular setting, a time to get dressed up, enjoy wonderful food and wine and celebrate. It’s a chance to get together with old friends, many who you haven’t seen for a year.

It’s also an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of great trial and appellate lawyers and judges.

For 60 years, members of the association, now the Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, have gathered to share the good times, commiserate over the not-so good and pay tribute to the efforts and accomplishments of trial lawyers and jurists who fight every day to ensure that ordinary people have access to justice.

This year’s Awards Dinner will begin with a historic moment when 2009 CAALA President Randy McMurray passes the gavel to 2010 President Garo Mardirossian. McMurray is CAAI.A’s first African American president, and Mardirossian will be the organization’s first president of Armenian descent.

McMurray and Mardirossian will be joined on the stage by CAALA’s 2010 officers: Phil Michels (President-Elect), Mike Alder (First Vice President), Lisa Maki (Second Vice President), Geoff Wells (Treasurer) and Joe Barrett (Secretary). The installation of the 2010 Board of Governors will also take place.

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